General Description

Pingueculae are very common in adults. They appear as yellow nodules in the conjunctiva (the white part of our eyeball) These nodules sometimes increase in size, and inflammation is common. If this condition bothers the bearer, medications can be prescribed to ease the symptoms.

When the pinguecula grows it can invade the cornea, usually on the nasal side of the eye. In order to avoid further invasion of the cornea, surgery is recommended.

This condition is thought to be caused by ultraviolet light, dry and windy environments, and people who spend a lot of time outdoors. Men and people living in tropical climates are most likely to have this condition.

The most common symptoms of pterygium are: itchy, dry eyes, pain, foreign body sensation, redness and inflammation.

Description of the treatment

If the pterygium is enlarging and encroaches the cornea, it should be removed surgically along with a small portion of superficial clear cornea beyond the area of encroachment, the recommended surgical technique involves the removal of the pterygium and the placement of a graft from the same person, this is taken from the healthy conjunctiva of the same eye of the pterygium. This technique reduces the possibility of recurrence by 95%.

Benefits of the treatment

After this surgery the patient experiences relief from the symptoms, and the affected eye acquires once again the aspect of a normal eye.